Rooms and Suites
We offer our guests a modern and very comfortable rooms to stay in Milan
Our special rooms
Martini 17 is 24 cozy, modern, spacious and bright rooms with panoramic windows, there are also private garden rooms for extra privacy.
Beautiful bathrooms filled with sunlight.

Just relax in comfort, leaving the bustling city behind.
Calm mood
Blue in the interior with all its shades gives the impression of spaciousness, depth and coolness. It calms the nervous system, increases working capacity, and helps to reduce muscle tone and blood pressure.
Blue is soothing, it helps you concentrate, lowers blood pressure, soothes the pulse, slows breathing rhythm, lowers body temperature, helps with insomnia, nervous disorders. It is a color that evokes a sense of well-being, associated with reliability and constancy.

Nature mood
When we think of the color green, we think of the forest, the trees, the grass. By virtue of the fact that green unites us with nature, it helps us to be closer to each other.

Green in the interior soothes and relaxes us. Green brings a piece of nature into our homes.
All shades of green in the interior create a light and cheerful atmosphere, allowing you to relax and get a good night's sleep.
It's high time we get closer to nature!

The most important thing in our bathrooms is the harmony of water, light and air. Together, these factors give us a natural feeling that is unique in nature. 

The interior of our bathrooms is decorated in light, natural colors, which perfectly reflect the concept of Hotel Martini 17 to be at one with nature. 

Our impeccable cleanliness and the highest standards of our work is a guarantee of your good recreation.